From Sea to Shining Sea

Alaska Juneau, Alaska March for women's/civil rights this AM. Great energy!!!! Be resilient and stand together!👍🏽❤️🇺🇸 — Alberta Jones (@AlbertaJones21) January 21, 2017 Hawaii Women's March Maui 🌈#womensmarch#womensrightsarehumanrights — Lauren N. Rosenberg (@lnrosenberg) January 21, 2017 Washington State #seattlewomensmarch / #WomensMarch passing by Seattle City Hall now. — Lindsey Wasson (@lindseywasson) January … Continue reading From Sea to Shining Sea

On BinderCon (among other things)   Last weekend was BinderCon L.A. It's a conference put on by Out of the Binders, an organization that supports women writers. As co-founder Leigh Stein said—and I'm paraphrasing here—it is indeed a nonprofit that grew out of a thing Mitt Romney said one time. In case you need a refresher: So, the meme … Continue reading On BinderCon (among other things)

This City

   Cities smaller than Long Beach: Atlanta Raleigh Miami Minneapolis  Cleveland New Orleans St. Louis Anchorage Orlando Boise Birmingham  I'm keeping this list as a reminder to myself, for the next time someone beats me to a big story (it happened today).  It's not a small town. It just feels like one.        


The AWP 2015 conference is almost here! There will be an offsite reading of University of Arizona alumni on Friday. Readers include the wonderful writer/teacher Elizabeth Evans, writer/editor Cara Blue Adams, poet/MMA fighter Cameron Conaway, essayist/potato farmer Joshua Foster, David James Wins-All-the-Awards Poissant, Padma Viswanathan, who is among the few writers in the world beloved enough to … Continue reading #AWP15